Las Vegas Day 3: Morning

After the urgent care drama yesterday, the rest of the afternoon and evening were comparatively calm and easy. I stayed in my room and watched TV, read, ate some food, and talked on the phone. I tried not to feel sorry for myself and just act as if everything was fine, hoping the feigned positive attitude would turn genuine.

Again, I woke up a little before 1am. I tried to stay in bed a while since every hour in bed was punctuated by the getting up and down to do the soaking and I went to bed pretty late for me, but now I’m up.

The conference starts this morning, so I’m looking forward to that, albeit with a bit of nerves. I’m hoping there aren’t a lot of scheduled “ice breakers” or “meet and greet” activities, which always stress me out. There’s too much pressure and heads turned on me when it’s my turn to speak; plus, I’m so anxious as my turn approaches that I miss everything else anyone says and I’m left not knowing anyone’s name. Instead, hopefully, we will jump right into things and people can introduce themselves and chitchat during breaks.

Despite the pain I’m in and my concurrent joint swelling, I’m in a much better mood this morning, ready to tackle the events of the day and open my mind to the learning and growing available. I took a bit of a dodgy walk this morning, so it seems my adrenaline rush quota for the day (of which I really have none!) should be satiated. I caught the sunrise over the surrounding mountains as it peaked through the mirrored casino buildings, cascading a fiery mirage of colors over the iridescent glass panes like shimmering air ripples that hove over sun-baked pavement. I’ll pack an overly generous-sized bag for the conference today to ensure I’m fully equipped with the tools, clothes, food, and medical supplies to keep me sane and safe for the long day. My goal is to preserve this go-getter attitude to embrace today’s challenges and gifts alike in stride

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