IDEA Fitness Blogfest

The conference this morning was a lovely mix of being exciting, informative, and overwhelming. Despite the pain I was in, I was really happy to be there and proud that I braved this trip alone to give it a shot.

When we entered the room where the #blogfest blogging classes were held, we were greeted at our seats with a huge swag bag filled with products from the generous sponsors who’ve put on this event and made it possible for each of us to attend. Many of the sponsors are health food-based, so I have a lot of giveaways for my friends, since my allergies exclude me from enjoying most of all of these treats, despite the fact that they look delicious and they have nutrition profiles that I’d highly condone. My favorite gift is a lovely water bottle from #takeya. It’s a brand that’s new to me, but I think it looks awesome. I’ve also discovered a delicious line of seltzer waters called La Croix.

The sessions themselves were interesting. We learned a lot about delivering quality and relevant content to our readers, SEO tips and tools, and filling your niche. Then we went to the IDEA World Opening Ceremonies. I lack the vocabulary to effectively articulate how inspiring and moving I found the presentation. It was particularly interesting to me because my boss, Todd Durkin, owner of Fitness Quest 10 in San Diego and an incredibly influential guru in the fitness, health, and motivational space received a tremendous and well-deserved award. He gave a beautiful and passionate speech that had me in emotional tears with goosebumps up and down my arms and legs. It was well worth dealing with the crowds and sensory overload to catch that live and celebrate and honor his achievement.

I went back to urgent care to follow up and get some more steri-strips and now I am resting in my room for a bit. There are more classes and events later, so just as my phone needed to recharge, so too do I need a reset. Hopefully, I’ll get a second wind to enjoy the afternoon, but if I’ve met my threshold for the day, it’s still been a rewarding and adventurous one. I’m feeling blessed to be here and really proud of how I’m pushing myself and working through each step.

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