A Letter to Our Dog


I feel nothing but love and gratitude towards you. You’ve been my friend, my companion, my sister, my rock. You’ve watched me change from a high school junior to a young adult. You’ve seen my body and mind transform over those fourteen years and been with me through the heartaches and successes that those years carried. You were my sister at home when my other sisters left for the next stages of their lives; you’d lie on my bed against the rules when I’d cry about dad leaving. You were there to watch me beat a gripping eating disorder and through the pains of losing my identity as a nationally-competitive athlete as I put on necessary pounds to live. You watched me move away to Duke and then welcomed me back when I was lost, dealing with one of my first major failures and identity crises. You would take long walks with me when grandma and papa died. When I moved away to NYC, you let me go without making me feel guilty for needing to grow up and grow out, while still reminding me that I was always your number one. When I adopted Comet, you helped me mother her, and let her fulfill that puppy-mom relationship with you. Instead of resenting me or feeling jealous of bringing in a new dog love, you opened your heart and displayed nothing but joy and mentorship on her company. You watched us sell our childhood home and took care of mom’s heart when the nest she built for all of us collapsed piece by piece. You helped her build a new home that felt right for her, watching over her with such loyalty and steadfastness that I felt confident and assured that mom was okay.

As you leave this world I hope you are filled with as many sweet memories of the life you shared with us as I do. You will always be more than just a dog or pet to me; you’ve taken care of me and helped me grow up, which has been a difficult journey for me. Today, as we say our final goodbye, I will play the peaches song and remember us romping on the floor doing the “seal” and sneaking treats. I will honor and cherish all of my beautiful memories with you and allow them to guide me and keep your spirit alive when it’s too painful to be without you. Your life was one of purpose, loyalty, happiness, and love. I hope you will watch over me as I continue to grow up and I hope you find peace and plenty of food and swimming holes wherever your soul takes you. My dear little buddy, it has been the greatest privilege to share our time together.

Forever in my heart, sweet girl,


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