Sympathy Pains

It’s always disappointing when you are operating under the farce that it’s Saturday when it’s actually already Sunday. I’m so robotic in nature and keyed into numbers (date, time, schedule, etc.) that I rarely fall into this mistake, especially on the weekend because there are only two days of the type. For whatever reason, yesterday afternoon, the sudden flash of dispiriting realization overcame me as I audibly said, “I’m glad it’s still Saturday,” and suddenly self-corrected when the day had barely fallen from my lips. As much as I do generally enjoy my weekday life, the weekends certainly trump the daily grind.

This weekend was no exception. Although I did have a lot of work to address, I also got to relax with Ben, work on puzzles, write for pleasure, take some nice walks, and watch entertaining movies. The one notable downside was that Comet injured her leg while rambunctiously sprinting around on the trail at the end of our walk. She didn’t yelp or fall, but she suddenly slowed to a very slow walk and demonstrated a prominent limp. My studies in prosthetics and orthotics school honed my ability to analyze gait deviations (though in humans, not dogs!), and it’s definitely an issue with her left hind leg. I have not been able to isolate the affected joint because the only symptom she displays is refusal to put significant weight on the limb. She shows no signs of distress or discomfort with any squeezing along the limb, or manipulation of the hip, knee, ankle, or foot. Her pads, toes, and nails appear healthy. Coincidentally, she has a routine vet appointment tomorrow night, so I’m sure if it hasn’t started to resolve by then, they can take some X-rays and rule out any issues that require medical intervention beyond simple resting. She’s not acting the slightest bit uncomfortable or unwell when she’s just lying down and has her normal voracious appetite. She’s also electing to get up and walk around to look out the windows, so I think it’s safe to assume that we aren’t dealing with anything urgent. Most likely, she twisted her ankle or pulled a muscle while zipping up and down the uneven, frozen dirt hill. That said, of course she garners all of my sympathy and concern because she’s my baby and I am all too familiar with the plight of mobility-limiting injuries.

She even appeared in my dream last night with a fluorescent pink cast. My heart and head are always with my sweet dog. Perhaps it’s ultimately a good thing that I don’t have real children because I’d probably struggle to give them enough autonomy and not worry about them every single hour of every day! I say this partially in jest, because the whole kids issue is a multi-layered complicated one for me. However, it does hold that I do think about my dog and nearly feel her emotions (good and bad) and pain. In fact, although the current flare up of my autoimmune disease has manifested partly as substantial ankle pain and swelling, today it’s far worse than it’s been lately…sympathy pains perhaps? As her mom, I certainly don’t want Comet to be in any distress; thus, I really hope her injury resolves quickly. At least one of us needs to stop limping this week!

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