Off to Washington, D.C.!

We are on our way! Washington, D.C., get ready for two frugal, excited travelers. Last night, Ben dropped Comet at his parents’ house. They will split the care with my mom, so Comet will get vacation time with all of her grandparents. She seemed nervous in the afternoon yesterday when I packed up all of her things. We spent the last hour before she left cuddling on the couch. She clings to me and I cling to her; that makes me feel safe.
We are flying on JetBlue airlines. I got a phenomenal deal on the tickets, so our round trip cost together was under $100. It’s also a nice short flight. Although I’ve conquered my previously-debilitating flying phobia, I still appreciate when I’m not on the plane for a long time. After all, plane travel is boring; the fun comes from being at your destination!
It’s a muggy, rainy morning. It’s supposed to rain in Washington, D.C. today too, but the other days are forecasted to be clear. As such, we plan to spend the afternoon in the Smithsonian museums. That will be fine because I’m sure we will be somewhat tired from the hassle of traveling, even though it’s relatively brief. I want to go to the Museum of Natural History, the Museum of American Natives, and the American History Museum. We went to the Air and Space Museum last time. We also saw a lot of the monuments, so I’m not sure how much we will do of that this trip, especially given my restrictions on walking.
We are now on the plane. We parked in long-term parking, then walked to the terminal. Security took a bit of time, but the line moved fairly quickly. I had to get strip searched because I didn’t pass the hands up screening. It wasn’t that bad, but they do get quite aggressive in the crotch area. It was actually a little painful. We didn’t have to wait around for our plane prior to boarding. I’m notoriously overly early every time I travel, due to my excessive travel anxiety. However, today, we arrived at an appropriate time and were able to get in line to board when we got to our gate. Bradley is such a small airport; it takes a lot of the stress out of the logistics of travel. I don’t recall spending any time in the D.C. airport, but I imagine it will be a lot bigger and more difficult to navigate. We are planning on taking the metro from the airport to our hotel to drop off our bags. We used the subway system a little bit on our trip in 2009, but my familiarity with the Washington, D.C. system is rudimentary at best.
Takeoff went well and now we are cruising at the desired altitude. It’s a bit bumpy, likely because of the rain, but nothing that I can’t handle. I’m always amazed at how little anxiety I have on the plane anymore. If only I could make such drastic reductions in the PTSD and other anxieties…
Time to chat with my lovely travel companion, drink my dixie cup of water, and admire the pillowy clouds. Our adventure awaits.

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