Washington D.C. Day 3: Friends, Animals, Walks, and Time Together

It’s only 1:30pm and I’m justifiably tired. It’s been a long day, but good one, already. I woke up at 1:45am, which is just atrocious, but I spent a long time in the morning talking with a good friend in a different time zone who was also having trouble sleeping; I enjoyed the time and it was a good conversation. I took a morning walk again and caught the pre-dawn and early lit hours of downtown D.C. as well as the quiet mall area. I also went to a gorgeous church, since it’s Easter, but even at the early hour, it was already quite crowded.
The main event of the morning was touring the National Zoo with our friend Ethan, from New York City, and his girlfriend who I had not yet met, but who was genuinely so lovely. They are sweet, smart, understanding, and easy-going people that make social engagements for the socially-uninclined (Ben and me) low-stress and enjoyable. It was not only fun to see all the animals and read a little about them, but to catch up and get to (re)know one another. In terms of animals, the highlights were the giant pandas, the lions (my favorite animals), and the lemurs, since it reminded me of my days at Duke. I have always loved animals and animal facts. The true highlight was actually the company, and that’s not just me trying to say the likable thing; I mean it.
I took a nice walk this afternoon to a different part of town that I had not yet seen. My good foot and booted foot are tired now though, so we are spending quality time together inside to rest. We don’t have as much downtime together as I’d like in daily life, so this is special for us.
My stomach is still bothering me. I wish it was better because it definitely takes raises the workload needed to have carefree fun. I guess, it negates the carefree concept all together. I have to work a bit to enjoy myself because I’m so uncomfortable. That said, I feel grateful to be here at all and have a few days with Ben. It’s not hard to hold onto that.
I’m not sure what we will do for the rest of the day. We are both tired, though I imagine we will find at least one or two other activities out to do today. For now, I’m enjoying this moment, and that’s enough.

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