Signs of Spring!

Signs of spring are here! Not only is it going to be nice and warm today, but I’ve seen then first flowers blooming around town and blades of new green grass poking through dead, yellow lawns. Birds are much more vocal with their morning melodies as well. The past two days have been less cold, though I wouldn’t say “warm,” but it’s still been much more pleasant both in and out of the house. Unfortunately, I didn’t feel well yesterday due to the lingering physical effects of my appointment on Wednesday, so I was unable to get out and enjoy the nicer weather. I’m hoping today goes much more smoothly and enjoyably. Sometimes, by default, it seems it can really only get better (or at least stay the same) because it’s unimaginable that it could get any worse. I’m downplaying how rough yesterday was, but I feel confident that today can be better.

This morning, Comet has her pre-surgical evaluation at the animal hospital with the surgeon who may do her ACL repair should he (and we) deem it the right decision. The vet my mom took her too already performed the necessary imagining and blood work to confirm the need for the operation and that she is healthy enough to undergo such a surgery. Moreover, this is the surgeon she recommended and she clearly was in favor surgical repair providing a much better quality of life for Comet than the “leave it be” approach. The function of this pre-surgical appointment is to meet the actual surgeon and get his expert opinion on the situation since this is his specialty. Meanwhile, Comet continues to not be able to walk at all, some three months or more after tearing the ligament. My poor girl.

We really, really didn’t want to have to go this route, but signs seem to be definitively saying it’s the care she needs, particularly because the vet thinks she’s in pain that will only continue to become more severe with time as the tissues in her leg calcify from disuse and inflammation. I have noticed she seems unduly crabby since the injury: lots of groaning and sighing, very little excitement and joy when she sees us, difficult to amp up, etc. I guess I chalked it up to winter blues, being uncomfortable in our cold house since she loves to be super hot, or lack of endorphins from the absence of walks. I think all three of those factors certainly do depress her mood, but constant pain is apparently a beast she’s bearing as well and I can’t, in good conscience, withhold the treatment that would restore her function and erase that pain just because it’s too expensive. It was a different story, a more acceptable choice to not operate, when we were told she wasn’t in pain. Then, it was only the mobility implications that we really had to consider and weigh against the costs and benefits of the operation.

As of this moment in time, however, I’m still a half-step ahead of the decision because we need to get the surgeon’s assessment and advice. Maybe through some kind of miracle he will think Comet doesn’t need the surgical repair and that it will heal naturally in time and will further attest that he believes that will be the best course of action for her since it will spare her from having to go through such an aggressive treatment. After all, surgery always poses some degree of risk and this one isn’t even among the most minor. Until we have that consultation, patience is the only thing I should be exercising (not my worried mind!).

So although we have that appointment today, which is guaranteed to be stressful, I still think today has the potential to be a good day, so I’m going to hold onto that hope for now. At least it’s Friday; that’s already a big positive step forward from yesterday. I didn’t sleep well at all, but I’m going to try and strike a balance between taking it easy enough to recuperate and summoning my energy to be productive enough to fulfill my responsibilities and have a bit of fun as well. My cold has almost run its course and left my system, although poor Ben now has the terrible sore throat that set it off. It looks like Sunday is supposed to be in the 30s and raining, so we will be resting indoors.

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