Happy Earth Day!

It’s a gorgeous morning. How lucky we are to land this weather on a Saturday, and Earth Day 2018 no less. Granted, it’s quite chilly still since it’s early, but the sun is blazing a cheerful path of warm rays down from the sky. Although I slept horribly, I’m excited for the day.

Yesterday, after I submitted a huge work assignment to my boss, I celebrated by shopping for my next jigsaw puzzle. I use three different sites, two puzzle-specific warehouses and Amazon, to browse my options. I ended up selecting two awesome puzzles, but they only made it as far as my shopping cart because I can’t justify nor swing the expense right now with all the recent significant withdrawals from my depleted accounts. A good jigsaw puzzle costs between $20-30 in average, so it’ll need to wait until my account stops hemorrhaging. Hopefully the wait will make the next time I get to have that kind of fun so much sweeter. I love working on jigsaw puzzles because it’s a sedentary way that I can relax and stay mentally distracted from anxiety, pain, and depression without taxing my body or exercising–a surprisingly rare, but necessary, feat for a recreational interest in my life.

My stomach has finally calmed down a bit from the terrible state it was in during our trip to Washington, D.C., which, I believe, was largely reflective of the new foods I was trying in an attempt to vary my incredibly limited diet upon the suggestion of the gastroenterologist. I’m still trying to be a bit more flexible and eat a couple more foods, but the experimentation phase is on hold right now while I give my digestive system a little time to calm down and slow down by sticking to the foods that seemed least reactive. I’ll restart sampling other similarly-seeming “safe” foods in a week or two when my body has rebounded a bit and feels ready enough to tolerate the potential risk of an adverse reaction to a new food. There’s only so many days or weeks in a row I can stand having an awful stomachache and the need to stay tied down to a tiny radius around my home because of an unpredictable and suddenly-urgent bathroom need. It’s so isolating and depressing.

We might go bowling with my in-laws this afternoon. I hated the bowling experience last time I went because it was way too loud and it really bothered my wrist, but it’s important to me to spend time with Ben’s parents and it’s so rare that an event doesn’t center around a meal (as that’s American culture), which is a huge deterrent for me since I can’t safely eat outside my home, so I try my best to go to the non-food events. If my fever stays away, I think I’ll have my feet in bowling shoes sometime today. While that part certainly doesn’t excite me (as it’s disgusting and a sensory assault on my sensitive feet), family time is always time well spent.

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