Repairing a Home

We are on the cusp of a long weekend; while we won’t do anything special to observe Memorial Day, it will be wonderful to spend extra time together and be thankful for the privileges we are afforded as Americans, the generally high degree of safety we live in, and appreciate the service that those who lost their lives in war provided. As tough as life can feel sometimes, it’s comparatively easy and luxurious compared to many people and places around the world.

I’ll have work to do this weekend and we have house and yard projects to work on, although I think that it’s going to rain a lot of Sunday and Monday. I’m trying to wean out of my boot a little bit because my calf muscle is atrophying too much. Although the boot is advised because it prevents my foot from grinding along the arthritic joints (that need to be fused) because it holds the foot and ankle complex stationary, reducing the pain and inflammation that result when the cartilage-deficient bones rub together. However, I’ve been in the boot full-time for eight weeks so the muscle loss is significant at this point. This ends up creating a whole host of other issues as well. Therefore, it’s probably wise to strike a little more balance between the two scenarios at this point. I still need to wear the boot more often than not, but I’m trying to add a little sneaker time each day to preserve my muscle mass and prevent further strength imbalances between the two legs. If I’m going to wait until November to do the surgery, it’ll be roughly a year from now when I’m back able to walk in two sneakers. By that point, without deliberately trying to work the calf muscle somehow, it’ll be totally shriveled into a little girl leg. Not only do I prefer to be athletic and strong, but it’s also problematic when one leg is significantly weaker than the other. The strength disparity can be augmented over time because the stronger leg will often take over some of the load imposed on the weaker one. I certainly don’t want that! With that said, just the little bits of activity I’ve been interspersing without my boot this week are a glaring reminder of why I need the surgery in the first place: the pain in that joint is so intense!

I’m feeling good about the progress we are making on our home. Ben has been hard at work pruning and chainsawing years of overgrowth. We have a mountainous brush pile, but supposedly, it will get discarded this weekend by a landscaping company. Together, we are trying to make the inside and outside of our home reflect our care for one another and our property. Much like the horrible place our relationship was once in¾broken and wrought with pain¾our house was purchased in terrible shape and only deteriorated from there. However, with effort and patience, like the drastic repairs our relationship has undergone in recent years, this crummy home is improving.

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