Comet Is Struggling

The treat of yesterday was that Ben got out of work hours early. He was home by early afternoon so we had bonus time together. What a great way to start the long weekend!

Unfortunately, he had to drive up to the animal hospital where Comet had her surgery to pick up another course of anti-inflammatories. Even though Comet has improved since her really bad day this week, she has still seemed more uncomfortable and reluctant to bear weight on her operated leg since that day. The surgical nurse said it’s fairly common for them to be sore from the physical therapy exercises or tweak the knee a bit so that it’s painful to use. She provided further assurance that many dogs need at least one refill on the medicine. Because it not only reduces pain but cuts down on the very swelling that causes discomfort and poor mobility. I hope that after another couple weeks on this medication, Comet will be feeling better. We are trying not to get crazy about it, which basically means Ben is trying to keep me from getting overly anxious and fretting the worst. The nurse also recommended icing her twice a day again. Cryotherapy, the application of ice, is known to help reduce inflammation. Hopefully the combination of these modalities will help get her going in the right direction again.

I’m excited for the summery weather today. It’s supposed to be 90 degrees or so. The rest of the weekend is slated to be much cooler, but I like heat. Ben and I have a lot of projects on our to-do list for the three days, but I think we won’t get to most of them until tomorrow. That’s fine; it’s nice to just take things at a comfortable pace.

The other thing on my mind this morning is whether I’ll start taking the new antidepressant my psychiatrist prescribed. I haven’t been feeling overly depressed lately, but as I told her, I also rarely feel truly happy. I have, what I consider “functionally depression” most of the time, meaning that I have a definite depressed mood, but I can mostly carry out the activities of my daily life. In truth, I think that views my situation through really rose-tinted glasses; I get by, but I’m not really “living” my life in many ways. I’d like to think I could be feeling better; at this point, pharmacological agents might have a place in my regimen for improving my life. I’m still sticking with therapy, writing, self-improvement work, and the other ways I try to nourish my mental and physical health. However, medication might correct some of the chemical imbalances and support me in my efforts to feel better. I need to consult with my mom, who’s a highly-educated mental health professional who prescribes these drugs, to get her input on medications, side effects, and what options might be best for me. It is true that I have a psychiatrist on my treatment team who has experience and knowledge in all this stuff as well, but I value my mom’s opinion and will weigh that advice alongside what my own provider has said. After all, my mom knows me really well and has been working in this field for as long as I’ve been alive!

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