Preparing to See My Doctor

I have my check-up with my PCP later this morning. I’ve been anxious about it for weeks because there are issues I need to discuss with him that I don’t want to. It’s even been disrupting my sleep, as my mind won’t stop rehearsing what I need to bring up and how I will articulate my concerns openly without shame. I think I’m also a bit traumatized from my last appointment there with the failed Pap smear and discomfort that caused.

Ben has the morning off so he can drive me there and back. It’s a solid hour without traffic, but we’re liable to hit a fair amount of traffic approaching Hartford, so it may take much longer. I’ve made my list of points to address, although I have my doubts that I’ll be able to bring all of them up.

The GI doctor called me back this week and my biopsies all looked normal, which means we still don’t have answers as to why I have such chronic diarrhea and abdominal pain and bloating. The next step is to undergo a CT scan of the small intestine with IV contrast. I’m not sure what pathologies or dysfunctions this type of procedure is checking for, but presumably it’s different conditions than could have been detected via endoscopy or colonoscopy. I know that an upper GI endoscopy can visualize and biopsy some of the upper portions of the duodenum (top section of the small intestine) and obviously the colonoscopy can get into the lower portion of the large intestine, but that still leaves several feet of small intestine that cannot be accessed via these scopes. Therefore, I think the CT imaging is the preferred way to suss out structural issues within that middle region. My insurance needs to approve the scan so it’s not yet scheduled.

Medical issues aside, I’m glad it’s Friday. The latter half of this week definitely went faster than the first part, yet it has still been a slow go of things. I have a ton of work to do for my job this weekend, so that will be my primary focus. Ben is going to take his woodworking skills to the next level and craft a small table for me. He received some of my grandfather’s old tools from my mom a couple weeks ago. Now he has most of what he needs to fiddle around with things. I’m the real winner out of it all because I’ll be the owner of a personalized table!

The book I’m reading today, Sarah Morgan’s How to Keep a Secretis my book for the day, a heavier women’s fiction book, though an engaging read nonetheless. It’s certainly more substantive than her other romances, and I’m enjoying the story’s deep and complicated relationships between a mother and her two grown daughters. Tomorrow, I get to devote time to picking books for the upcoming week. That seems like it’ll be a good reward after this difficult week.

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