Budgeting Writing

The weekend flew by far too quickly and we are back at Monday morning. We had a nice day yesterday, despite the heat and humidity that started in the early morning. Since our new lawnmower finally arrived and we got it up and running, I mowed the extra-long grass. It had been nearly three weeks, and as the grass grows so quickly this time of year, there was quite a lot of excessive growth to push through. Luckily, the new mower did a pretty good job, once I caught on to its idiosyncrasies. However, unfortunately, it seems even more difficult for me to start than our old one! I guess I’ll have to ask the neighbors for help or only do it when Ben’s around.

Ben worked hard on crafting my end table. It’s not quite done but it’s looking so fantastic. Most importantly and most impressively, it’s level! That’s not an easy feat, especially for an amateur woodworker! I’m excited to see and use the finished product.

I’m projecting another busy week. I have a bunch of appointments and I need to start putting in more hours at work. Because I’m so regimented, it won’t be easy or comfortable to ramp things up so suddenly. It’s also sticky hot this morning, which tends to make days move slowly. My goal is to do a better job fending off the weekday loneliness I’ve been feeling. I don’t actually have a logical plan to address this void, since instead of moving in the right direction and getting out and about and around people more, I’ll be increasingly confined to my computer over the next few weeks to put in more work hours. I considered bringing my laptop to the library and working there where at least I’m around people, but it’s not a realistic option because of how often I need to use the bathroom. Not only would I need to keep shutting down my laptop, but getting down the narrow, steep metal stairs to the tiny bathroom is dangerous in my boot. Doing that two or three times per hour would just pose too much of a fall risk and eat into my productivity. Alas, home alone is where I’ll be. The only way then to beat the loneliness is to stay distracted from it, since I’ll certainly be all alone. I also feel like I need to start conserving the amount of elective writing I do, like for this blog, because I need to devote more time to work and my job is so writing-intensive. There’s only so much writing my brain wants to do in a day; I’ve been prioritizing personal writing, but now it’s time to change that. I may even revert to just a couple blog entries per week, rather than a near daily practice. I may even cut my self-directed therapy down to once a week, especially because I’m doing organized therapy a bit more often again. It is apparent that there are a lot of schedule changes in the works. Hopefully, I’ll still manage my mood and anxiety and find some time to have fun. I’m worried that’s going to be too much to ask…

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