Looking For The Good

It’s finally Friday! It’s felt like a long week, probably because I’ve been so uncomfortable with the reaction to the yellow jacket stings. I’m still so itchy and my swollen ankle is stretching the opening of my sneaker, but a little less so than earlier in the week. I’m now in possession of two more epipens, so although I pray this doesn’t happen again, at least I’m equipped with the necessary supplies.

One highlights of yesterday was a nice phone call to my dad whose relaxed state (courtesy of being on vacation) was palpable through the phone. Another good part was that I put in almost eight hours of work, which will carry me well toward my goal of a 40-hour work week. I’m finishing up a solid writing project. These can sometimes be slow to start compared to editing assignments, as they almost inevitably require research, but I found my stride yesterday and the pages flowed smoothly. I’m feeling really proud at how well this project is turning out. The final notable perk from yesterday was the haul of books I brought home from the library. It always feels like I’m showered with gifts when the holds I’ve placed arrive at my local library. I march on over there with an exuberant pep in my step, my empty backpack swinging wildly. On my return journey, my excitement protects me from being overly uncomfortable from the jagged book edges digging into my back through the thin nylon of my pack.

I’m eager to discover what will be the highlights of today. I think when I deliberately seek them out, essentially donning glasses that contain a band-pass filter for food things, it becomes easier to find the joy in my life, the things I should be grateful for and proud of, and tolerate some of the very real challenges a bit easier.

Besides work, on my docket today is a Skype session with my new, specialized therapist. Other than that, I’m focusing on making good food choices, icing my stings, and trying to stay in a good mood, all of which are more challenging in their execution than they sound. 

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