Waiting for My Niece or Nephew

My stomach has been really upset for the past day, thanks to some poorly tolerated foods. Every day is another chance to vary my diet and find a diet that makes me feel as well as possible despite chronic illness. I’m dedicated to this pursuit in spite of my food anxieties, and even the horrendous feeling last night won’t deter me from continuing to try different things and stay positive. With that said, I do hope I start to feel better today; my body is not functioning well after yesterday’s reactive setback. On weekends, it’s especially desirable to feel well, since Ben is around and there’s more recreational time, which is much more enjoyable if I’m not in screaming pain.

I have a lot of work to do today, but the weather is not supposed to be nice, so it’ll be a good day to put in my time. Work has been going well, so this is less of a burden than it may seem. Still, I hope to get some fun free time in and soak up Ben’s company.

My mom said my sister is in the early stages of labor, so it’ll be exciting to see how that progresses and to meet my newest nephew or niece. I’m sure the birth will be the highlight of this weekend. 

Even though my stomach was really bothering me last night, I actually slept a little better than the night before. There’s one point in the positive category (things to be grateful for) today. I’m not quite as tired, even though I’m certainly not feeling well physically. I’m doing a much better job staying calm at night during bouts of sleeplessness. It’s definitely an area in which my mental self-improvement work has really taken hold and afforded me with noticeable gains. Noting this improvement reminds me that I’m also getting better at acknowledging my efforts and progress, instead of focusing only on my persisting deficits. This is hopefully a sign that my self-esteem and self-compassion are slowly recovering…a huge win!

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