It’s a dreary, rainy Monday morning. I’ve been up since just before midnight, so the day is feeling long and formidable. I’m fortunate to have a work project that’s quite engaging to help pull me through the day; otherwise, it would be an unappealing slog of a day.

Tomorrow I’m seeing my old rheumatologist. We have never clicked well in the past, but there are very few providers with this specialty in my area, so my options are too limited to be picky. Moreover, I already have established care with her, which means I can actually get in and see her in a timely fashion rather than wait until the appointment another office tried to offer me with a different rheumatologist in January. The wait times to get in to see a doctor as a new patient around here can be staggering.

I’m most looking forward to relaxing post-work with my dog, finishing the book I’m reading, and elevating my aching joints in search of some relief.

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