The Final Pre-Dawn Walk of 2018?

This is a daytime image. We don't take the phone out at night.

This morning was what I anticipate will be the last morning I take Comet for a 2:30am walk before stopping for the winter. We will still walk, of course, but not until later in the day when some of the nighttime frigid temperatures have melted into milder ones. We have already had to forego these insomnia walks several times in the past few weeks, as neither of us are eager to plod around town when it’s in the 20s. Today, however, an unusual warm front beckoned us outside for one more slow loop around our sleeping town. It always warms my heart to watch my little charge jump and sneeze in excitement as I leash her up for these walks. It’s as if she comprehends we are doing something strange, a secret mission together as compatriots.

We hit the street-light-illuminated roads through town and stick to those areas highly visible and safe. More so than during daylight walks, Comet continually checks in with me, looking up at me for connection and approval. I give her animated “hellos” and she giddily lurches forward with a spring in her usually very slow slog. Sometimes, we pause and play with our shadows in the splash of light from the street lamps.

When spring comes, we may resume these brief stints in the morning darkness, although as much as I enjoy aspects of them, to be honest, I’d much rather be asleep. Here’s to hoping the insomnia fades in the coming months.


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