Needle Felting

this guy still needs a mouth

I’ve been doing a lot of needle felting recently. It began as an attempt to have a “needle handicraft” so I could join a local open studio social club where crafters get together weekly and work alongside one another on their individual projects while engaging in conversation. Since I’m trying to be more social and make new in-person connections, this seemed like a good option. It’s low-cost, close to home, works with my schedule, and offered the chance to develop another sedentary hobby or when my body cannot tolerate physical activity.

I’m enjoying needle felting and the process of teaching myself. I’ve been making little animals, and they turn out pretty well, which makes it more enjoyable for me. However, I did receive a notification that the open studio needle craft group I intended to join has now been dissolved and replaced with a quilting only class. I don’t quilt and I don’t own a sewing machine, so this isn’t going to work. Therefore, I’ve developed a new sedentary hobby that I enjoy, but it’s not going to lead to in-person social engagements at this time. Perhaps down the line, the group will yet again evolve to be open to a multitude of crafts or other similar groups will open in the area.

The search continues then for an activity that will help me meet people, make friends, and take care of my body and mind.

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