Welcome 2018

It’s the first day of a new year, 2018. It sounds so futuristic. The first memories I have of dates was during kindergarten morning meeting when my teacher would write the date and 1992 on the big easel. Back then, it did not have much meaning, and even now, it’s just a mark of time.

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, I’m optimistic about the potential of this year and looking forward to watching it unfurl and helping shape it into a great year for myself. While I can’t control everything nor predict the future, I do know that I hold the power to influence and take advantage of the opportunities and riches of the year. Moreover, I absolutely can control my reaction and experience to the things that happen, and I hope that by trying to put out good energy and stay positive, good things will come my way and my perception of things will be favorable.

I slept very poorly last night so I’m exhausted today. I’ve also been fighting off a cold or virus for a few days, so I plan to take today easy so that I don’t dig myself into a hole. It’s a good day for me to exercise my resolve to not let how I feel physically dictate how I feel emotionally. Today, I’ll hunker down inside out of the sub-zero temperatures and enjoy some time with Ben on his last day off. I’ll do some work and take some time for rest as well. Tomorrow, he goes back to the office and I’ll resume my normal work and life routine. We will be more like ships passing in the night than co-captains on the same craft, but we will have the great memories of the holidays and his time off and use the relationship momentum we’ve built to carry us through the harder days. Each week is adorned with a weekend at the end, like a gemstone in a big, heavy rock. The gemstones are indeed beautiful, but the rock is strong, dependable, and forms the solid foundation. I like the day-to-day, in addition to the weekends, and I’m hoping that I’ll carry the joy that we’ve cultivated over the past couple weeks into the daily routine of this winter season. If the recent weather is any indication, it’s going to bitterly cold outside. My goal is to not let the frigid temperatures freeze out the warm glow we’ve ignited inside. I will protect this flame of happiness and try to shelter it from the fierce winter winds.


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