Making a Symptom List for Visiting a Doctor

I’m ready for my appointment with the integrative medicine doctor this afternoon. Although I’m dreading the inevitable lab work, which I hear takes place during the appointment rather than on my own time at some later date, it will be interesting to see what he thinks about my health.

Instead of spending the nice morning time that I usually do writing my thoughts for a blog, I’m going to use the time to write a list of things I want to discuss with the doctor so that I don’t forget anything. When I’m face-to-face with a provider at an appointment, my anxiety tends to take over and drown out a lot of the symptoms or questions I had planned to discuss. I’m hoping that drafting a list will help keep me focused and proactive and avoid the common problem of me leaving without having addressed the majority of my concerns. There’s few things quite as frustrating as wasting a long-awaited appointment because of reluctance to speak, bashfulness, forgetfulness, or any other cause that prevents me from opening up. I think taking time to thoughtfully prepare a thorough list will be a good proactive measure.


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