Finding Happiness on a Rainy Day

Despite the rain all day yesterday, the rain this morning, and the forecasted rain and wind over the next three days, I’m still enjoying being home. Normally I despise rainy, gloomy weather so much that it makes my whole day feel like a chore as I fight through it in a crabby mood. I’m such an outdoorsy girl, and because I loathe being wet, rainy weather isn’t congruent with my notion of comfort. Plus, I have a unique plant-like relationship with the sun as I’ve mentioned in previous posts. It’s as if I’m partly plant and can derive usable cellular energy from sunlight via photosynthesis.

I slept well the night we got home from our trip, but last night, I couldn’t sleep past midnight. I kept my eyes closed until 3:00am or so to try and maximize the restfulness of my non-sleeping bedtime. Sometimes, I read or watch a show on my phone when I’m having an insomniac night. I’m definitely feeling more run-down today than yesterday.

The major stressor of yesterday was that Ben’s car broke down right in the middle of an intersection on his way to work. After a series of flashing dashboard warning lights, the battery shut off and the car was rendered completely useless. We don’t have towing service on our car insurance because we have it stripped down to the basics to save on the monthly cost. I hurried home and did my best to locate jumper cables, which we also don’t own, using my limited network of local contacts. My creative mind included the library staff, so, despite hating calling people (especially for favors), I rang up and inquired if anyone there had cables. After being transferred around a bit, I indeed found a lovely librarian who had cables in her car and was generous enough to let us borrow them. Panicked Ben was counting down the minutes with the police officer in the busy intersection who kept asking me when I’d arrive. I made it and we successfully jumped the car, only to have it stall out immediately after we both got back in our vehicles. We re-jumped it, allowing it to charge for a longer period of time. That time, he was able to drive away towards the nearest mechanic. Unfortunately, no sooner had he cleared the one crowded intersection, the car crapped out again at the next one, again smack in the middle.

At this point, the officer still escorting us from behind said we needed to have it towed and could not try again. We had to eat the cost and the car was brought to the mechanic who replaced the broken alternator. Ben drove my car to work and I walked home.

It’s unfortunate timing because our financial situation is really poor right now, so the towing and car work were yet more unanticipated large expenses. What can you do? We already try to pinch pennies, but sometimes things happen.

The other downside of the car work yesterday was that it left me without a car and I needed to get medical care for the infection that developed while we were away that caused us to leave a bit early. My doctor’s office is not walkable, so I had to navigate the bus and Uber options to get myself there and back. This would be a hassle on any day, but the rain and the fact that it was because I was sick and not feeling well that I needed to get to the office made it that much more of a headache. I was a good sport though and took one for the team so to speak, not complaining and sucking up my discomfort and fatigue.

While these obviously difficult situations would justify deeming yesterday a bad day, I actually found the other parts of the day, which were nice, to offset the bad; overall, I had a good day. I completed a big project and felt very satisfied with my work. Sending it to my boss afforded me a healthy confidence and ego boost. I cannot overstate the gratification I receive when I work hard, exceed expectations, and feel proud of what I have done. I take my job responsibilities (on my current and all prior jobs) with a sense of duty and pride. I make it my mission to put my full effort into even seemingly mundane tasks.

I hope that today also has bright spots to balance out the challenges and the pain I’m in. If I get enough work done, I’ll work on the puzzle a bit this afternoon. It’s been while since I’ve had free time to spend on it. The rain and lack of sleep will naturally work against my good mood, but I’ll mount an aggressive defense. I want to be happy.

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