Autism Awareness

I’m thrilled that it’s Saturday, although I’m quite congested as this cold has fully manifested. That said, it’s still going to be a nice day. I was pleased to see the few inches of snow that accumulated yesterday had completely melted. April snows are not appreciated in my book; it’s been so cold and dreary lately. I’m hankering for green grass, warm sun, and budding flowers.
I ended up only working a half day yesterday because as the sore throat gave way to heavy congestion, I just felt like I needed to lie down. So I complied with the urge and although I felt like a lazy sloth, I rested and watched movies. I caught up with a friend online as well, so it wasn’t a total waste of time. I had planned to walk to the library and pick up my holds, but the wintry mix was enough a deterrent given how poorly I felt. I will go today; we are lucky that are local library has great hours.
The other thing on my mind today is “Autism Awareness” since it’s April and this is the established month for this cause. There’s a lot of controversy in the autism community about whether “awareness” is a term that sounds and feels right or if “acceptance” is more desirable. More polarizing is the involvement of Autism Speaks because many autistic people have serious qualms with the organization and the awareness month is championed, or at least is largely led, by this large organization. Given how sick and tired I am today, I don’t have the emotional bandwidth to argue for either side right now or justify my stance. I did address the issue from a general, zoomed out perspective last year when my autism diagnosis was in its infancy. I reviewed my comments from that post and still agree with a lot of my thoughts. In general, I think I tend to be the type of person who has strong positive or negative gut reactions that sit squarely in one camp or the other for a given controversial issue, but upon further research or interactions with differently-minded individuals, I do find some merit in the opposite viewpoint. That’s not to say I fully abandon my thoughts and simply go the way the wind blows, but oftentimes, there’s some mental movement a bit towards a middle ground. This is not solely attributable to my non-confrontational manner; rather, I genuinely find at least one or two salient points of an opposing opinion on many issues if I’m open-minded enough and able to imagine the needs and situations of people other than myself.
On that note, I’m going to move on with my day because I have a lot to do and want to intersperse ample pockets of rest to treat these cold symptoms and help the virus pass quickly.


*As for the image with this post, I took an online personality quiz when I couldn’t sleep last night and that’s what I got. I don’t know much about it and don’t necessarily think it’s valid since I haven’t looked into it extensively.

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