Colonoscopy Prep

Yesterday went by way too quickly. It was dreary and wet most of the day, but the sun came out eventually in the late afternoon. Ben and I did a lot of housework and sorting through some of our overwhelming storage piles in our garage. It’s an unpleasant task, but necessary. We’ve both agreed that we are becoming less nostalgic in terms of holding onto things with sentimental value as we age. However, from a logistical rather than emotional standpoint, it’s actually difficult to get rid of garbage. We have trash collected once a week and although we hardly ever fill out bin, it will take quite some time to partition our huge pile of refuse from storage into the remaining space in our weekly allowance receptacle. Moreover, some of the items that can only be thrown away (rather than donated or recycled) are simply larger than the empty trashcan itself; they wouldn’t fit even if we had nothing else to discard that week. We could consider purchasing a dump sticker, but carting the junk to the dump is another issue, and a less easily solved one at that. An ideal solution, so far, has eluded us.

My feet have been killing me since my fall on Friday, so I’ve been fighting back frustration over that increased pain and disability. I’m scheduled to see the foot surgeon again tomorrow afternoon to discuss, and likely schedule, the fusion surgery. I don’t think I’ll want to do the actual procedure before the fall though, yet I won’t be surprised if he’s already booked up much of the time before then.

The big thorn in my side for today is the colonoscopy prep. I’ve done it several times in the past ten years, but it doesn’t really get easier. The hard part for me isn’t the frequency and urgency of bathroom trips but the clear liquid diet and drinking all the solution. I usually get really cold too. Today won’t be fun. It doesn’t help that it’s cold and rainy out too because that means I’ll be cooped up inside most of the day since my foot is busted and it’s uncomfortable to walk in an orthopedic boot in the rain. Needless to say, I’ll be glad when it’s over.

Comet is coming up on a week since her surgery. Tomorrow marks that milestone. I hope to start tapering her pain medication, so I’m going to call her vet surgeon this morning to inquire about the risks and benefits of that. I obviously don’t want to cause her to experience avoidable pain, but I also feel more comfortable weaning her as early as possible, since it’s preferable to take as few drugs as necessary. She’s acting pretty happy and comfortable now, although of course this is with the analgesics, so we will see what the vet advises. It’s great to see our dog returning to her formally fun-loving demeanor. When things get tough with my colonoscopy prep and procedure, I’ll try to channel Comet’s strength and poise.

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