Colonoscopy Fasting

The colonoscopy has been postponed for two weeks. I spiked a high fever yesterday morning and the paperwork said that in the case of a fever, the procedure should be rescheduled. Thankfully, I had not yet begun drinking the bowel preparation solution, although I was feeling the wan, headachy effects of low blood sugar from fasting. I’m not sure if it’s due to the long-term starvation I put my developing body through as a child and teenager, or a product of the chronic health and digestive issues I have now, but I do especially poorly when I’m hypoglycemic (compared to most people), and I spiral rapidly into that state even if I’m just a little late on a meal or snack. It seems that my regular blood sugar levels, even without fasting, are usually low and teetering on problematic. In my last three blood draws, my blood glucose was 59, 69, and 78 g/dL and two of these were collected in a non-fasted state. The normal healthy range for fasting blood sugar is 80-100 g/dL or so and if the patient has recently eaten, which was the case for me for two of those values, the number is expected to be higher. The value of 59 g/dL was flagged as critically low; strangely, I didn’t feel particularly hypoglycemic at that time, which leads me to believe that I’m often hovering in the low blood sugar range. I know that I often go from feeling fine, with stable energy, clear thoughts, and no hunger to faint, irritable, and shaking (sometimes with and sometimes without an appropriate accompanying spike in appetite) in a matter of minutes. It can be dangerous when I’m driving or far from home.
The hardest part of the colonoscopy for me then is going without food for the entire day before the procedure. I woke up at 3am, like I usually do, and was already hungry! I’ve spoken with the doctor now though and he said that he’ll permit me to eat breakfast the day before the colonoscopy as long as I stop eating by 8am. That will work better for me.
So, the takeaway is that the colonoscopy has been postponed for two weeks so whatever little virus has creeped up and manifested itself in a high fever can subside. Although I’m still dreading it, I’m comforted by the fact that I can at least have a small meal the morning of the day before the exam. I still have a fever today, so it was the right choice to postpone it, because they would have sent me away anyway upon arrival today, even after going through the diarrhea prep. I’m fortunate to have a flexible schedule that can accommodate changes to time off most of the time. Today, I’ll take it easy to encourage my immune system to eradicate whatever foreign invader has caused me to fall ill. It’s forecasted to be a gorgeous day, so I’m hoping to take advantage of the lovely weather and use the sunshine and warmth to bring my body out of illness and into health. I felt horribly unwell yesterday; I definitely don’t want to repeat that.

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