Fluttering Heart

The air is heavy with moisture this morning, but the rain has finally stopped. My throat feels much better, but now I have nasal congestion; my heart also seems to be fluttering every so often and then beating with a syncopated rhythm. It’s not painful, but it’s a little worrisome. I wish Ben was going to be around today. I used to have a chronic heart arrhythmia, long QT syndrome, and frequent transient episodes of tachycardia followed by severe bradycardia. These issues resolved after obtaining my celiac disease diagnosis and adopting a strict gluten-free diet. This little heart flutter issue today is one of the only cardiac symptoms of any type I’ve had in years. I’m sure it’s nothing, though it’s always a bit disconcerting when there’s a physical issue with an unknown etiology, particularly when it involves the heart.

Even though I have chronic anxiety and PTSD, I rarely experience somatic effects from those conditions that manifest in cardiac symptoms (digestion is another story). I’m glad because heart arrhythmias are unnerving, although I guess I’d get conditioned to them if it was my normal response. I’m confident that today’s fluttering has nothing to do with anxiety or emotions because I feel relaxed. The rhythm disturbances have been going on for hours; however, they seem so mild that I don’t see a need to do anything but monitor it by taking my pulse and assessing my heartbeat every hour or so.

Since Ben won’t be around today, I’ll probably do a bit more work today than usual for a Sunday, but because it rained all day yesterday, I didn’t get to spend much time outside. Therefore, I hope to do more of that today. We got all the inside cleaning done as well, so I should have plenty of time to do my writing assignments for my online courses and maybe find some areas of the house, garage, or yard to straighten up. I’m also enjoying the book I’m currently reading, so I’ll probably finish that.

Comet’s walks are progressing in length and difficulty in terms of topography. We live in a very flat area of town, but there are some hills in the form of long asphalt ramps up to enter the bike path. I have been taking her up and down those, sort of like a hill repeat workout. Yesterday, she had more of a rest day because of the weather, and hopefully, we will be back at it again today. I remain proud of her and happy to see her progress toward better function.


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