Progress Isn’t Linear…Even for Comet

Today is bound to be a busy day for me because I have a follow-up appointment with the psychiatrist and one with my foot surgeon. Ben is taking comp time today for working Sunday, so he will drive me to see the surgeon this afternoon. It’s not just his chauffering service I need for that appointment, but it’s important that he attends with me so that we can verify my questions are answered, as well as any he may have, and that we both fully understand the options so that we can make an informed decision together. Although it’s my body and the choice will ultimately be mine, as the ramifications of whatever option is selected will only affect my body, I greatly value his opinion. I’m leaning towards undergoing the fusion surgery but waiting until late fall so that the hardest part of the rehab (where I’m most limited in my mobility) occurs over the winter. I haven’t seen the surgeon since the cat scan though, so we will see if that imaging changed anything about the surgeon’s recommendations.

I slept really poorly last night because I was worried about Comet’s leg. She seemed to be especially limpy and reluctant to walk despite the gorgeous weather.  I couldn’t get her to the end of our short street; she just wouldn’t walk. This is behavior that’s basically unheard of for Comet, especially when it’s not raining. Her leg seemed as weak and lame as it did pre-surgery. I worried about it all night; I couldn’t turn my catastrophizing mind off. I feared she had reinjured it and that all of our work to fix it and restrengthen her muscles.

Thankfully, this morning she seems about on par with where she was before yesterday. I think I’m looking at her more critically, almost trying to detect a gimp, but she is walking energetically. The worrier in me seems a little bit more of an exaggerated limp than I saw before yesterday though, so I’m going to keep an eye on her through about noontime, after which I’ll call the surgeon if I notice any issues persisting. It’s always a good idea, in my opinion, to consult the experts, if for nothing else than to assuage the concerns. Of course, I’d much prefer the issue to blow over and to chalk it up to an off day where she was unusually sore and stiff. I don’t know if my heart can take any major setbacks–the wallet sure can’t!


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