Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day! As I said on Friday, I’m grateful for the freedoms, liberties, and privileges I’m afforded as an American, and many of these are thanks to the service provided by those in the armed forces. It’s difficult to imagine how young people entering the military could be willing to put their lives on the line and be so selfless. On Memorial Day, we recognize and honor those brave Americans who have died while serving our country. Although I couldn’t be much more of an anti-war proponent than I already am, I do understand the need for military and national defense. I am grateful for all of our service men and women. It’s easy to live in a bit of a bubble when going through busy life on a daily basis. In this bubble, sometimes I forget that at that moment, there’s another person risking their life for the safety and protection of me and other Americans. I actually think quite frequently about people in this country and around the world in their daily battles, whether that’s starving for food, getting bullied for their sexual orientation, appearance, or other “difference,” grieving the loss of a parent, loved one, or child, trying to find clean water, struggling to protect their body from physical abuse, etc. Everyone has a struggle and a story, and some people have never known safety or love. Even though my challenges feel defeating at times, I know that I’ve actually blessed with a really wonderful life.

Yesterday was a busy, but productive, day. We started some other home projects and Ben found some tiles that match our bathroom ones, so hopefully, I’ll get to that project in the near future. In the meantime, I started tackling another flooring project in a different room, which is a bit more dire because there’s a major mold and mildew problem. Ben also gave Comet a haircut and wash, so she’s looking clean and fresh.

It poured all afternoon, which wasn’t ideal weather, but it was a good day to tackle some of these home projects. I’m happy with the progress we made and although we are both really tired today, I hope we continue to move forward with stuff. Other than that, I have work for my job to do this morning and we have to do the rest of the things to get ready for the rest of the week. Despite all this “work” on the docket today, I’m feeling so grateful for the day.

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