Systemic Body Aches

I haven’t yet rebounded from the sleepless night Thursday. I felt pretty sick yesterday–headache, malaise, weakness–and this morning is no different. In fact, I’m also vaguely nauseous, and almost every single skeletal muscle in my body aches like I have a bad flu; thus, overall, I feel much worse. Despite taking Tylenol, the headache persists. I also had a pretty bad allergic reaction yesterday, so I’m having lingering effects from that debacle. Still, I hope to make the most of the day.

Yesterday, understandably, we took it quite easy. I worked in the morning, and then we tackled some simple home projects in the early afternoon, like straightening things up and returning stuff I had moved for the various projects I addressed in the past couple weeks to its appropriate location. We also indulged in some Great British Bake Off before bed.

The good news is that today is only Saturday, so we still have the full weekend ahead. Hopefully, that will give me ample time to feel better by Monday.

I did manage to place the calls I intended to on Thursday to various healthcare providers whom I need to see or want to see sooner than currently scheduled. However, nothing productive came of my inquiries; I always forget that doctors tend to pare back their work schedules in the summer and it becomes hard to get it and see them in a timely manner.

I’m having trouble feeling optimistic about being productive and feeling well today. I just feel so horrendous that I’m unable to envision much of a comfortable day. I’m striving to keep a good attitude and hope for a favorable change in how dreadful I feel, but it’s certainly not easy to do that today. I wish my stomach could handle ibuprofen, because I’m sure with 400mg, I’d be feeling like a new person. Alas, I’ll gut it out and force a smile (that probably looks like a grimace) on my face.

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