It’s raining so hard this morning that I hear it pelting down on the roof in a constant rushing drone. Fortunately, my horrendous joint and muscle pain from Saturday started to ease up yesterday, and this morning, I’m a bit more comfortable still. This is somewhat surprising because I sanded most of the entire deck yesterday on my hands and knees, so I expected an increase in pain and stiffness today. I’m pleased that instead, my pain level is moving in the right direction.

This week is a busy one because I have several appointments. Tomorrow I’m getting a dental cleaning, which will be good because I haven’t had a professional cleaning in quite some time. I don’t fear seeing a dentist the way I do seeing a doctor, so I’m not dreading it, although any appointment is a kink in my schedule, which in and of itself, is unpleasant for me.

I’m continuing to have an especially hard time falling and staying asleep. Since there are a multitude of factors that influence “sleepability,” I can’t readily identify the sole culprit for this backsliding trend. I think the warmer temperatures and the amped up pain levels (stomach and joints) lately are certainly prime suspects.

I hate being hot at night and my body temperature always seems to rise the closer it gets to bedtime, which I believe is somewhat in contrast to what is normally physiologically expected. In these warm months, I can’t use my weighted blanket. Because that blanket affords a nice calming benefit, without it, I seem more fidgety and restless. It’s like I’m never able to fully settle down and get comfortable. I flip and flip between three or four possible body positions but nothing feels right. After just a few minutes lying in one of the postures, the mattress feels warm from conduction of my body heat. That heat acts like a similarly-oriented magnetic pole relative to my body atop it, springing my limbs or trunk to rapidly adjust and find a new cooler area to settle on. All this flipping and repositioning makes it impossible to rest long enough in one place to fall asleep.

I run a window air conditioner and two or three fans throughout the night in my bedroom to try and create a cool sleep environment, but I guess it’s just not enough. Moreover, inevitably, at least one fan ends up whirring with a lilt, which all call “pulsing,” an offense so egregious to my sensory-sensitive ears that it gets the kibosh. I’ll take being slightly less cool for no audible rhythm to my fans.

It’s going to rain steadily today and tomorrow, so I foresee feeling pretty pent up. I guess it’s a good time to put in extra work hours. I also have assignments for my writing courses to address. I’m still enjoying the online courses, but the assignments are getting lengthier and more challenging, so the time commitment has been ratcheted up. I’m trying to keep it all in perspective though and remember that it’s just for my own edification and interest, not for a grade or requirement of any sort. It’s fun to take on self-development things, and I’m still feeling pleased to have found these free classes through the library. I’m an opportunity seeker; it’s one of the qualities I appreciate in myself.


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