We had a gorgeous weekend. It was summery, and the sun shone once it rose without a break. Today is supposed to be another lovely, albeit hot, day. It will be a busy workday for me because some of the subsequent days this week will be interrupted for various reasons. Therefore, I’ll try to front-load my week in terms of work hours.

I got out of bed this morning for the day around 2:20am. I usually wait another hour, even if I’m awake, and in a good day, I sleep until 3:30 or so. Not today. I was so wide awake that it felt caging to stay under my weighted blanket in bed. Ben sleeps so soundly downstairs, but I tiptoed around anyway. Comet woke up and was excited by the abnormal flurry of early morning activity. She followed me all around the house, watching each of the various things I did for clues as to what I was doing and if it meant any special treats or activities for her. It did. During my pantry organizing, she landed a big Greenie dental chew; during the countertop scrubbing, she was tossed several small biscuits. I liked the company and could feel her excited eyes warming my back each time I moved to a new location to clean. It turns out 2:20 in the morning is prime cleaning time for my brain, though o truly hope it doesn’t become a pattern for my body. I desperately need restorative sleep and I live in a chronic state of deprivation.

Comet has her second post-operative follow-up for her ACL repair this week. Ben and I think she has healed well and is a workably satisfactory level and relatively stable. We hope she heals more and gains even greater strength and stability than she already has, but even if she doesn’t, her leg has healed enough to allow her to have the functional strength and balance she needs to be safe, healthy, and a walking companion. For this, we are so thankful and happy. I believe the surgeon said that she may continue to make small improvements over the next year, so that’ll be even more celebrated. The ongoing caution will be to protect her other leg because it’s at a significantly higher risk of ACL rupture since the surgically-repaired knee lacks some of the mobility and give that it normally does, which increases the demand and stress on the healthy leg. The best safeguard is to keep her active and of good general health and also to keep her on the leash at all times when walking, rather than let her zoom around off the leash. She loves to play off the leash but it’s just not safe for her anymore. Thankfully, we don’t live in an area that’s very conducive to playing off the leash anyway, so she won’t be missing much, although I do miss that silly, sweet grin that she would don as she frolicked around like an endlessly adventurous and impish puppy.

One exciting development from the weekend is that Ben decided to open an Etsy shop to sell his meticulously and artistically crafted cigar box guitars. The reason I’m excited is because it will give him a platform to show more people his beautiful work. Actually making a sale of Etsy is a major accomplishment because the competition is so steep. I’m not expecting Ben to sell anything, not because I don’t think his work is fantastic and worth it, but just because the market is really saturated. That is just to say the barometer to measure his “success” is not whether or not he sells something; it’s just super cool that he’s even putting his handicrafts out there. Making cigar box guitars and other similar handmade instruments is a passion project for him, so it makes me happy to see him putting time into something that he enjoys. It’s not just that he’s my husband (because he and I can both attest that I can be a very honest critic!), but I highly recommend his work for anyone looking for a beautifully-made, fantastically functional instrument.

I think it’s wise to titrate my energy output today because I got so little sleep, so I’m going to have to make smart choices. I can get through the day in a good mood and with good focus. Onward.

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