Weddings and Love

I couldn’t sleep last night and I ended up needing to take a lot on Benadryl. In combination, those factors have rendered me utterly exhausted this morning. I do not feel well at all. It’s going to be a miracle to get through this day in good spirits. I’m committed to doing an exemplary job though because Ben’s sister is getting married this evening and if ever there’s a time for merriment and displaying pure joy and enthusiasm, it’s a wedding. I’ll fight my way through the fatigue and be there as the happy supporter of their union as I feel inside. I absolutely adore her and her fiancé, so this truly is a joyous celebration of their love and commitment to one another. There will be many friends and family coming together to recognize the marriage and it’s all taking place on their gorgeous property. It should be a fun time, so if there’s anyway my body can get on board and feel better by then, I’ll actually be able to enjoy the experience. Given how I feel now and the fact that mornings are always the zenith of how well I feel and evenings, the nadir, I’m not optimistic. Maybe today I’ll catch an elusive “second wind.”

Comet’s appointment went surprisingly well yesterday. Her surgeon thinks she’s recovering decently well given her age and he thinks she should continue to make slow progress. He’s put her back on a half-dose of the anti-inflammatory medicine for a few weeks. I’d like to see her walk with less of a limp and with reduced bowleggedness, but as long as the surgeon feels she’s relatively comfortable and about on par with what’s expected, we will count our blessings and be appreciative of the progress she has attained. It sounds like our expectations are too lofty for this stage of the recovery and perhaps even moving forward to her eventual peak. Ultimately, we just want her to feel good. If that means she walks less but is not in pain, so be it.

I’m looking forward to the wedding, despite how poorly I feel. I remember nearly exactly six years ago today, my sister and her husband got married at a rustic campground in Connecticut. It was a really funky, fun weekend wedding with a burrito bar and outdoor games. I have nothing but beautiful memories from taking part in their ceremony and seeing them profess their vows. One of my all-time favorite memories of my sister is standing there at her ceremony under the canopy of trees. She was glowing and I think the simplicity of the setting acted to accentuate the power of their palpable adoration of one another. Weddings are the one of the rare occasions that elicit happy tears for me. I guess my obsession with sweet romance stories must be partially indicative of how much I’m a sucker for sappy love things. I don’t tend to ascribe that quality to myself, but it must be something I less obviously embody. I’ll own it; love is awesome.

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