Finding Foods to Eat When You Have Allergies

We are having a great weekend so far. Yesterday was an ideal balance of getting things done and leisure time. It was beautiful outside, which made mowing the large lawn fairly enjoyable. It has been pouring all morning so far today, so I imagine we will focus on our indoor activities today. I’m fighting excessive fatigue because I woke up around midnight and never went back to sleep, thanks to a bad stomachache. I’m actually somewhat glad it’s not gorgeous outside because I tend to feel internal pressure to do lots of outdoor activities. Today, at least, that internal drive is less aggressive and easier to satiate. I certainly go out in inclement weather, but it’s less alluring for sure.

I’m still struggling a lot with finding a workable diet. Most things seem to upset my stomach, which is actually the better of two possibilities, because even more foods elicit dangerous allergic reactions. I’m proud of the strides I’ve taken in the past couple weeks at overriding my anxiety at trying different foods. I’ve not made drastic changes, but that’s actually ill-advised with my autoimmune problems and digestive distress. Introducing lots of new foods in a diet that’s been so significantly limited in the past several years acts like a stressor on my body, which triggers inflammatory and autoimmune reactions in my body.

For now, the few foods I’ve added are upsetting my stomach even beyond its typical barely-workable state. I’ve struggled a lot, particularly at nighttime lately, with sharp cramps, excessive bloating, pain, nausea, and diarrhea. It’s really frustrating because it cuts into my ability to sleep and these adverse symptoms acts as negative reinforcement for pushing myself into being more varied with my food choices and to seeking more nutritional diversity. It’s natural to be discouraged from trying more things when the few things I’ve added have instigated so much discomfort.

I’m dreading my third visit to the gynecologist tomorrow. Frankly, I’ve had enough of that at this point! We are still trying to figure some things out though, so it seems that it’s necessary to have multiple appointments. $120 in copays and lots of discomfort and time in stirrups later, little has been determined, let alone solved. I also have to get more blood work, so I’m dreading that as well. Mostly, I hope nothing too painful happens because my birthday is the following day; I don’t need to have  additional pain to meddle through on the one day of the year I like to be happiest.

My birthday wish this year is better health, sleep, and joy.

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