August Already

I can’t believe it’s already August 1. Summer is flying by. It usually does, but it never fails to surprise me how much later the calendar date is than I expect it to be. If only I perceived winter to pass as quickly, and could supplant summer’s speed with winter’s typical crawl. I know I should just be “present” and enjoy each season for what it is, and while I made strides this winter in finding joys in it, warmer seasons still far surpass winter’s place in my heart. Maybe this winter, I’ll fall in love a bit deeper with that season; I am personally impressed with the good attitude I carried through most of this past one, particularly because I had been in an anticipatory panic since the prior July!

This morning, I have a therapy appointment with my normal therapist at the mental health center. It has not been a month since my last session because I requested a shorter interval of time this go-round between subsequent sessions, due to the extent and severity of how I perceive my current challenges to be and the dearth of effective resources available to me. After the rude receptionist and stress that caused last time, it would be a big stretch to say I’m looking forward to the appointment. However, I think it will serve as a valuable check-in and vehicle to provide me tools to better cope with some of my current challenges.

I’m also still debating whether to go to urgent care with my stings. My ankle is still really bothering me, which I know is expected (since I’m only on day 3 of the anticipated 7), but I can’t confidently say it’s resolving. The symptoms evolve each day, rather than change in severity, so it’s like trying to apply the same evaluative lens each day on something whose characteristics keep shifting. My plan is to see how I’m feeling and how my ankle looks after therapy. I’ll make an executive decision at that point, and it will be easier to motivate myself to go since I’ll already be out and about. 

I’m feeling super tired because I slept worse last night than I’ve been sleeping, so I can vouch that it will take some motivation to do much of anything today.

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