Date Night

The weather this Sunday morning is magnificent. It is dry, gloriously sunny, and relatively cool. Coming off days of humid weather and yesterday’s rain, it feels like a delicious treat. I’m really looking forward to outdoor time today.

Yesterday’s forecast projected gloomier weather than we had. Instead of relentless rain all day, there were quite a few long breaks in precipitation. It was undeniably muggy, but still a lot more pleasant than we expected. 

Today will be a nice day because we have a date planned later on. We’ve been focusing on the romantic side of our relationship for a couple months, and it’s brought us even closer as spouses. While we can’t easily partake in any conventional dates because of (mostly) my various health and sensory challenges, we are finding creative ways to spend dedicated romantic time together and honor that special part of the relationship between committed partners, married or otherwise. It feels good to be reconnecting on so many levels; it deepens and gratifies our bond.

In addition to date night, today will be full of outdoor activities (mowing, stump removal, a nice walk), job work, and some recreational time as well. Ben and I both place importance on being productive while not overdoing it, particularly on Sundays, so that we don’t enter the tiring work week from a depleted state. There were many weekends in my younger adult years where I’d blow through too many active pursuits all gung-ho for the two days, and then felt like I was crawling my way out of the hole I had dug myself into over the first few days of the week. Marathon training, with its weekend long run, had a particular propensity to feed into this cycle. I’m far more balanced now, both in mindset and practice. 

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