Preparing for a Niece or Nephew

I fell out of bed and smashed my nose against a chair last night and then I had trouble sleeping. I put a cool pack against it afterwards, but it didn’t seem to do much for the discomfort. (Plus, it wasn’t pleasant because cold packs always stink to me!) While the cold pack did little for the pain, it probably cut down on the swelling. My nose doesn’t look swollen this morning; it just feels like the inside, the passages, are swollen, which makes it feel like less air can get in. It also feels oddly itchy inside.

My sister should be having her baby any day now. I’m excited to learn whether it’s a boy or girl; they have opted not to be informed about the sex of the baby. They also followed this practice for their other child, my nephew. Initially, I had a gut feeling that she was having another boy, but in recent months, I imagine it to be a girl. The surprise element is fun in a sense; if I were to ever be blessed with the ability to bear a child, I would probably find out ahead of time. It doesn’t change anything, and gender can be fluid anyway, but I still think I’m the type that likes to envision things (especially big changes like a baby in the home!) ahead of time instead of being surprised. In general, I hate surprises.

This week is moving along at a nice clip and I’m glad it’s nearly the weekend. Like I mentioned yesterday, we will be celebrating our anniversary. I’m kind of sad that the number of summer weekends are rapidly dwindling, but I am taking solace in the fact that I’m becoming better at appreciating the other seasons for what they are. Autumn, in particular, can be lovely. Maybe I’ll enjoy it more if we indulge in more fall-specific activities, like the corn maze and pumpkins we did last year. Because of my past heavy involvement with and passion for running, and my loss of the ability to run due to my health, it can be a really painful season emotionally. It also reminds me of the many friends I had and lost, the excitement of starting a new school year, and feeling a sense of belonging (due to the team I was on, which had a truly family-like feel). I’m dealing with a lot of loss that may seem trivial to some, but to me it cuts deep and is very real.

I’m glad the sun is shining this morning. I need something cheery today. My whole body seems to smile when I’m in the sunshine, despite most concurrent pain. I better get out there!

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