A Busy Mind is a Sleepless Mind

It’s been a long day already and it’s not yet 5am. I have been up since midnight and was drifting in and out of sleep from 9:30pm until that time. More so than recently, my brain wouldn’t turn off and definitely factored into my sleeplessness. I also had a little injury to part of my body, which kept me tense and uncomfortable. I’m more tired than I usually am, even after nights with similarly little sleep.

I ended up getting out of bed about an hour earlier than normal, since I was sick of being stuck in bed without being asleep after all those restless hours. I’ve taken on a side job doing some editing work for a good friend, and so the quiet pre-dawn hours seemed like a perfect time to dedicate to his project. I was really pleased with the work I did on it, and I hope he feels the same way. Whenever I complete something I’m proud of, the waiting period before feedback is attained is filled with eager anticipation. His project is both personally and professionally intriguing to me, so I look forward to any work we do together on it. He’s been a loyal and vocal supporter of nearly all of my efforts, including my 2013 memoir, PR: A Personal Record of Running from Anorexia. I’m thrilled to be involved in a project that will help him out as well.

In addition to work today, I’ve planned a gift for Ben that I need to finish up. I also need to find an effective means of working through some of the thoughts that were plaguing me last night. I’m not sure what that will look like practically today, and I’m not expecting to “solve” the problems or nullify all of the anxieties, but if I can find a way to consider them during the day, it becomes easier to control and compartmentalize them at night so I can quiet my mind enough to sleep.

After snagging a free trial month of Amazon’s kindle unlimited, I’ve been devouring every free book that catches my eye in that subset of books for the past two weeks. It’s an avid reader’s paradise when a new channel of available books opens up. I have about ten days left to capitalize on this service; we won’t subscribe at the end because it’s another cost we can’t afford to carry, but in the meantime, it’s been fun. Most of the titles in the unlimited library are not books I’d choose to read anyway, should they not be free. Moreover, at the rate I’ve been cranking through the ones that have piqued my interest, I will hopefully have just about checked off most of the ones I am most interested in.

The weather is perfect today. Although I really wish I didn’t feel so exhausted, I’m looking forward to getting outside. Ben received his anniversary card this morning, and I am excited to piece together the rest of his gift and to celebrate the occasion some way this weekend.

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