Burning Out?

Yesterday was another humid, fickle-weather day, with huge rainstorms in the afternoon. Today, in contrast, is looking like it will be sunny and pleasant. The air feels a little drier and fresher, and I slept a shade better than I did the night before, so I’m hopeful that I’ll feel better today overall. I do have a headache, but that came on after my eyes seemed to struggle adjusting to the contrast in lighting between the glow of my computer screen and the dimly-lit room during the early morning hours when I was working. I keep my computer screen on the “warm” setting with a blue light filter, but my eyes still struggle to adjust to any brightness disparity between the ambient environment and wherever I’m directly directing my attention. It’s not an issue when the natural light is plentiful, but at 2:00am, it’s still pitch dark and our lamps just don’t provide the same sort of eye-strain-reducing aid; if anything, they exacerbate the insult to my eyes.

I’m trying to finish up several simultaneous work projects at once, and I made good progress toward that goal yesterday. I have a bunch to do today as well though.

Today is date night, so we are both looking forward to that; I also have a lot of cooking to do and the rest of the weekend chores.

I’m not entirely sure why, but my mood feels a bit lower today than it’s been, which is surprisingly because it’s a weekend day and I should feel relatively happy. I think I’m just feeling pretty strung out from consistently poor sleep. I’m also having a sharp pain, which adds a thick cloud of pollution toward feeling well, and thus, happy. I hope that once Ben is awake and I have his company, I’ll cheer up and find myself better distracted from the physical pain and emotional exhaustion I’m battling. In a sense, I feel burnt out. I need something to pick me up and relight my flame.

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