The weekend was pleasant, despite the horribly dreary weather. It poured all day Saturday, a cold rain that chilled its way to the bones. Sunday was dry but freezing.

On Saturday, we went to the town hall for early voting. I’ve never voted in a midterm election before, so it felt especially responsible as a citizen of a democracy to exercise my right to vote. It wasn’t the hassle I had worked it up to be in my mind, which was a boon. Because I’ve only ever voted in presidential elections, I’m used to overwhelming crowds and lines, an environment not conducive to my sensory and social needs. The crowds were also notably reduced because it was early voting. I should always take advantage of this option when it is available.

The rest of the weekend was filled with responsibilities that sound mundane on paper—work, cleaning, chores, and discussions about work on the house—yet they were more enjoyable in practice as Ben and I shared in them together and got along well. We also had a date night movie—the first in the Hallmark Countdown to Christmas new releases—and lots of nice conversations.

This week will be busy. In top of a full workload, I have three medical appointments, therapy, and we may be having our ducts cleaned for the forced hot air heating on Friday. Although I’m dreading all of that, it will be good to see the neurologist; I was fortunate enough to snag a cancellation appointment so that I don’t have to wait until December. I’m glad I answered my phone when the unknown local number appeared; it’s a very rare instance where I’ll risk doing that. It seems one of my greatest anxiety triggers is unknown numbers calling me; perhaps because I’ve been on the receiving end of several of those really threatening scam calls before I knew they were not genuine. I also hate talking on the phone (and talking to strangers in any medium!), so my fear makes sense.

I hope to have energy to power through everything scheduled and my daily responsibilities; getting good sleep should help, so that’s certainly a goal. I’m also consciously aiming to stay relaxed and stave off the anxiety that clouded my days last week. I’m feeling relatively stable now though, with ample self-efficacy to defeat the swells of panic. I’m fine.

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