Another Injury

I took a terrible fall yesterday while walking Comet. She’s been very low key and predictably steady and slow on our walks since her surgery, but yesterday afternoon, she pulled me suddenly when she spotted a squirrel scuttling by in close proximity. Her sudden, strong tug on the leash lurched me forward off the trail onto a slippery cascade of fallen, dry, deciduous leaves. I toppled hard and fast, severely mangling my knee. It hurt so much that I saw a showering display of stars for at least 45 seconds! Not good.

I tried to employ acute home care as soon as I had made it back; fortunately, I wasn’t far away, but it was a slow and sharply painful limp home. I iced, elevated, and applied compression at the recommended intervals for the rest of the afternoon and evening. The biggest challenge was keeping calm and not catastrophizing the injury. It’s difficult to objectively and rationally assess damage in the immediate aftermath of such a startling, significant fall. I debated a trip to the ER, but decided to wait it out and try tending to the symptoms at home, particularly once I was relatively certain the femur was skeletally intact.

The night was tough. My leg would vacillate between a tolerable, though annoying, throbbing ache to a sudden pang of tear-jerkingly severe pain. Those jolts of pain were instigated by various conscious and unconscious movements, which seemed varied enough that it was easy to replicate the sensation (though I didn’t want to, of course!). I iced a couple of times, which brought minimal relief. Most of the night was spent reining in anxiety and coping with pain.

It feels the same today, so I’ll see how the first part of the day goes. It feels like a deranged ligament, so there’s likely nothing to do but wait out the lengthy recovery period or surgery, which I’m not up to right now. I pray that whatever damage I’ve incurred blows over quickly, that this acute phase is disproportionately concerning in its discomfort, and that I am relatively unrestricted by the consequences of this injury.

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  1. I’m sorry to hear this. I am having physio for a ligament injury at the moment and know how painful those first couple of days can be. Maybe worth getting it looked at when you can bear to put some weight on it. Take care

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