About Me

My hope is that through this blog, I will learn more about myself so that I’ll have something more definite to write here. For the time being, I’ll leave it at this:

I am both like you and different from you (aren’t we all?). Among many interests, I love learning, writing, being outside, making people feel special, puzzles and patterns, random acts of kindness, simplicity, fitness, science, family (and friends that feel like family), and laughing. I am sensitive and shy, I am complicated yet simple, I love to move fast but recover slowly, and while my intentions are always good (or nearly so), I make mistakes. I am far from perfect. The older I get, the more grateful I grow for everything I have, for everyone who has and does support and love me, and for the opportunities for which I have been so fortunate to experience.

I’m working on owning who I am, understanding myself and the world better, and closing the gap between what I want to be like in our world and where I am now. I’m also working on being more patient, connecting with others and making and keeping friends, and being one voice of the many, many people who have mental, emotional, or physical health challenges yet feel like they struggle in silence.

I stand for love and compassion, for gratitude and generosity, for respect and support, for learning and growing, for being well-intentioned and trying, for being a student of oneself and the world, for forgiveness and understanding, for peace and communication, for happiness, for setting goals and owning failures, for making the world a better place one tiny act or decision at a time, for empowerment and using one’s power for good, and for being brave and doing what one knows is right, even when it is scary, unpopular, or difficult.

I hope readers of this blog will connect with me, ask questions, and share their thoughts. I hope to impact one person, one decision, one moment in time. If nothing else, I hope that giving myself this space to share my thoughts and feelings will help me feel more at peace and prouder of who I am.